4 MARZO 1943

Cover of 4 MARZO 1943 by LICIA FOX


4 MARZO 1943 featured by LICIA FOX

Cover of the same song originally launched by: Lucio Dalla

Written by:Lucio Dalla, Paola Pallottino
Duration: 03:40

Lead Voice: LICIA FOX
Musician: Backing vocals: LICIA FOX, Tormy VAN COOL
Drum Machine, Bongos, Tamburel, Bass, Synth, Violin, Accompaniment guitar, counter-sing guitar: Tormy VAN COOL

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by: Tormy VAN COOL at his Home Studio in 2015

© Artwork: Tormy VAN COOL
© Song: BMG Ariola

UPC: 5054316217695 - ISWC: T-005.000.899-5 - ISRC: BECD81500005



Neumann U67 Vintage S/N 036


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