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Dear Friends, welcome on my website

LICIA FOX MUSIC (aka Melanie)

where you can have all the songs, the videoclips and you can subscribe to the newsletter to stay always updated about Gigs, or other creative activity.

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Hi, I am LICIA FOX, and I love music, it makes me feel alive.

I'm gradutated in Music, with specialization in Violin c/o the Consevratory of Mechelen.

I discovered my attitude for the singing, working with the Producer and Label: Tormy van Cool, which became my Manager.

Tormy was encouraging me a lot and I followed the coaching, the guidelines and the methods.

This lead me to a professional carrier in this way.

So I did and when I discovered Mina, I did like her and I really love her. I wanted to cover her songs.

I like her spirit, her voice, her way. She's really a Master, that I elected as my Mentor to follow and to learn a lot from.

Beside this, I'm covering various genre and authors I do like, in order to keep a certain elasticity in my repertoir.

In the very begining I was using my name, but I didn't like so much. As consequence, in accordance also with my Manager, I definitely swtiched to this pseudonym I do like very much: Licia Fox.

Enjoy the music, enjoy the life.



Un Anno D'Amore (Mina) 1964 - Espa´┐Żol

SkyFall (Thomas Newmann, Adele) 2012

Oggi Sono Io (Mina) 1999

Brivido Felino (MIna Celentano) 1998

Acqua E Sale (Mina Celentano) 1998

Om Mani Peme Hum (Mina) 1993

Vivo per Lei (Andrea Bocelli Giorgia) 1995



Amor Mio

Parole Parole



LICIA FOX's management

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(***) Pruducer Audio and Video/Mixer/Mastering: Tormy Van Cool
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